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The lochs you can fish with the Glenbeg Fishing Permit

The Glenbeg fishing lochs are adjacent to the village of Kilmelford, some 15 miles south of Oban or 20 miles north of Lochgilphead on the A816. Scotland.


To see the lochs, change the map opposite to Ordnance Survey using the button top right of the map. Parking shown by Markers on the map. Please do not block the road or park in passing places. Detailed instructions emailed to you on permit purchase.


  1. Loch an Losgainn Beag
  2. Loch a’ Phearsain
  3. Loch a’ Mhinn
  4. Loch na Curraigh
  5. Loch nam Ban
  6. Upper Feinn Loch
  7. Feinn Loch
  8. Iasg Loch
  9. Loch na Sailm
  10. Loch Cheigein
  11. Loch a’ Chreachain
  12. Loch a’ Chaorainn
  13. Loch an Losgainn Mor